15-20 meters

Diving from

from boat



Submerge yourself in a submarine canyon with flotsam.

The ship of 30 meters in length 'The Condesito' ran aground off the coast of the southern tip of the island of Tenerife in 1971. The unfortunate accident left two important legacies: Rasca lighthouse, which was built to prevent a repeat of the misfortune, and the wreck of 'The Condesito', one of the most unique diving spots of Tenerife. The wreck, broken into several pieces, is at the bottom of an underwater canyon 20 meters deep, flanked by prismatic walls and frequented by abundant marine life. The anchor point of the vessel is 3.7 nautical miles from the great touristic port of Los Cristianos, at a point where the currents can increase the difficulty of the dive to medium level.

The place is near the coast and is home to numerous octopuses, cuttlefish and viejas. The dive usually includes a pass through the surrounding and spectacular prism-shaped rocks which seem to invite the diver to climb their steps on foot. Its shallowness and good visibility make it a good wreck for snorkelling.