15-20 meters

Diving from

form the beach



Yellow Mountain is a beautiful coastal hill formed by volcanic yellow ash and sculpted by erosion. Its beauty remains under the surface of the sea that surrounds it, with a lunar volcanic underwater landscape of rocky reefs and a large ledge with arches and caves. Located in the south of the island of Tenerife, near the resort town and marina of Las Galletas, this dive can delight the eye in all directions. The exit can be done from the ground, although it is more comfortable from the marina of Las Galletas, and after just a half mile of navigation, we can anchor in the sheltered bay of Yellow Mountain. With weak currents and an average depth of 15 meters and a maximum of 25, this dive is affordable for divers of various levels of experience. In the darkness provided by the caves and terraces, we find resting Catalufas and Moray Eels. In the surrounding sand you can see Garden Eels, Tapaculos and cherubs.