Tenerife is a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean within the Canary Islands, also known as the "Fortunate Islands". Tenerife was formed from long term volcanic activity. The island is located 1,250 kilometers off the southern coast of Spain, just 100 km north west of the coast of Africa. The air temperature throughout the year varies between 17 and 25 degrees and the water temperature varies between 18 and 25 degrees.

Its two international airports make the arrival to paradise very simple and quick. In Tenerife you can enjoy a variety of landscapes, including the impressive Mount Teide National Park, the ocean, the wild coast and golden beaches... Tenerife is the most beautiful of the Canary Islands, where no one can get bored.

The south-west coast of the island, is the perfect place to watch the whales and turtles in their natural habitat. Along the coast you can find 26 different species of cetaceans: Whales, Dolphins, Killer Whales and even Blue Whales.